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  • Why order takeaway or delivery from Madame Nhu?

  • How to reheat & enjoy our takeaway pho

  • Health benefit of pho and Vietnamese food

  • Ordering food for pick-up

  • COVID-19 and takeaway food

  • Ordering food for home delivery

  • Kitchen preparation speed

Why Order Takeaway or Delivery from Madame Nhu?

We're a family-owned restaurant group with bricks and mortar locations. We're not a "dark kitchen" and food is not made in some nondescript factory or shared kitchen. You can physically visit any one of our branches and see for yourself our open kitchen and how we cook your food. We make wholesome food from scratch the traditional way. Plus, we're frequently on the top lists for Vietnamese food in Sydney. Read our reviews.

How to Reheat and Enjoy our Takeaway Pho

You can enjoy your meal straight from the containers. But we recommend you level up your pho dining experience:

  1. Unpack takeaway & scoop garnishings aside. If you ordered “tai” beef, keep the rare beef aside too.

  2. Microwave the noodles for 30sec in a ceramic bowl with a lid covering it to keep in steam. Then microwave the soup with meat in it in a separate container for 1min or until hot (alternatively, boil the soup in a pot - healthier for you).

  3. Note - if you're cooking the pho from cold (ie. you left it in the fridge overnight), just triple your cooking time at least or until hot (eg. rice noodles at 1.5min).

  4. Top with the garnishing (and tai beef if appliable). Pour hot soup and meat over noodles and garnishings.

Pro tip: Bean sprouts are added to cool down the soup. Some people like to add hoisin and sriracha sauces, lemon juice, basil and fresh chilli. Use a soup spoon for soup, and chopsticks to pick up noodles and meats. Slurping soup from the bowl isn’t a normal thing to do for Vietnamese people, but whatever makes you happy, go for it!

What are the Health Benefit of Pho and Vietnamese Food?

Bone broth, the key to a good bowl of pho, is made by slowly simmering bones and meats with connective tissues. It contains important nutrients and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and collagen for your body. This is exactly what you will find in a good bowl of pho - and more.

Our pho broth is cooked for 8 hours in two types of chicken and beef bones to extract the most out of these ingredients. Root and allium vegetables (carrots, raddish, onion, garlic and more), green vegetables, fresh herbs and 8 different secret spices are added to enhance the taste and health benefit. Nutritionists have finally begun to advocate what our ancestors have known for centuries - a good broth is the best medicine for the body.

Apart from being delicious, Vietnamese food in general is super healthy and may help boost your immune system. Among the cuisines of the world, Vietnamese food stands apart with its emphasis on lightness, freshness and balance and with the use of ample vegetables, fresh herbs, and spices. At a Vietnamese dinner table you will almost always find at least one vegetable dish or food accompanied by a selection of fresh vegetables, herbs and even raw fruit. Source: Medical News Today, High Point Dentistry, Epicurious

How to Order Our Food for Pick-Up

Why order pick-up direct with us? Delivery platforms charge a restaurant up to 16.5% for pickup and up to 38.5% for home delivery. Ordering pick-up with us ensures that a restaurant will still be around next year. Secondly, you're skipping the middle man. We've heard a lot of stories of food going missing or going cold when ordering through thirdparty platforms. Thirdly, we offer 10%-20% discount on takeaways.

COVID-19 and takeaway

Is takeaway still legal and safe during COVID-19 lockdown? Restaurants are permitted to sell takeaway and as of the time of writing this, lockdown level 1-3, going outside your home to buy food is allowed (see Sch.1 of NSW government Gazette, 30/3/20). However, you must observe "social distancing" rules.

Is takeaway safe during COVID-19? According to experts (see reference), takeaway is safe. Moreover, at Madame Nhu we've been proactive very early on, implementing safety measures across all stores since the first week of March 2020. Read about our COVID-19 measures and how we keep food clean and safe.

Ordering Our Food for Home Delivery

In future we may offer our own delivery service but for now, you can order our food from delivery courier platform such as DoorDash.

How much commission does the delivery courier platforms charge restaurants? It varies, but generally 30%-40% for deliveries. We're charged the following: DoorDash 32%, Deliveroo 33%, Menulog 33%, Uber Eats 38.5%. If you have a choice, we encourage our loyal customers to order pick-up directly from us instead. It's safe and it saves you money too. We publish these figures so that you can make an informed choice.

How deliveries work: Please note, Madame Nhu does not offer direct home delivery service. However, you can order Madame Nhu food delivered through food courier services - Uber Eats, Menulog, Deliveroo or DoorDash (Delivery Platforms).

Our guarantee to you:

  1. Food leaves our restaurant freshly cooked, sealed and carefully packaged. The Delivery Platform's Rider then check the content and accepts the delivery.

  2. It is now the responsibility of the Delivery Platform's Rider to bring food to you complete, hot and on time.

  3. In the event there are issues with your order being rejected, your food delivered late, cold or damaged, please direct your enquiry to your preferred Delivery Platform.

Why your food arrived late:

One biggest misunderstanding with customers ordering through the Delivery Platforms is in thinking that our kitchen is responsible for food arriving late or cold. But in fact, most of the time the Delivery Platform may have problems finding a Rider, or the Rider had to pick up and drop off multiple orders. On our part, our kitchen preparation time for delivery is fast, generally below 10 minutes. We've been cooking delicious Vietnamese food for over 13 years so we get pretty good at what we do. The stats speak for itself (prep time compared to other restaurants in the area). Source: Deliveroo.

Compliments and Complaints:

Unfortunately when you order through a Delivery Platform, the platform owns your personal information. If you would like to provide us with a compliment, complaint or feedback, we have no way of knowing it and can't respond to it! We recommend you contact us directly if you would like a certain question answered or issue addressed.

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