Who is

Madame Nhu?

Fiery, creative and uncompromising, chef-founder Nhu has a reputation of being the "dragon lady" of the kitchen. These days she has taken a step back to focus on product and business development to much of the kitchen staff's relief. She is often seen roaming the backstreets of Asia in search of inspiration and good food.

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The Experience

Step inside to find a mock Vietnamese-French villa, aged outdoor furniture and colourful tropical plants. The striking interior of Madame Nhu is the culmination of extensive field research in Vietnam by the chef-founders and is a tribute to the rapidly disappearing French villas of Saigon city. It's a slice of old Saigon right here in Sydney.

Our Story 

There's a reason why we've been around since 2007. We take pride in what we do. Often considered one of Sydney’s best, our legendary pho recipe is a jealously guarded secret. At our Enmore and our two Surry Hills locations, you'll also find a great selection of Australian wines, craft beers and Asia-inspired cocktails.

Our History: Humble Beginnings 

Madame Nhu had humble beginnings. In 2006, we had an idea to introduce to the market our unique take on Vietnamese summer rolls. Because of our non-food backgrounds, we faced a lot of difficulties finding a location. We were rejected or ignored by numerous landlords and centres before a small food court in Sydney CBD decided to take a chance on us.

Our version of summer rolls were larger than traditional goi cuon (rice paper rolls) and came in a range of flavours and choice of sauces - unheard of at the time. Opening in 2007 at 201 Elizabeth St, Sydney, our small Vietnamese takeaway, then known as SummerRolls®, was an immediate hit. Our eatery quickly attracted long queues. Such was the buzz, the local newspaper awarded us "best Vietnamese" three years running. It wasn't long before our version of summer rolls became a mainstream feature in foodcourts everywhere.

Our success lead to a series of venue openings. However, by 2010 we noticed something unexpected: our pho noodle soup started to develop a cult following of its own and was outselling everything else. As a result, in 2011 we expanded our pho offering and renamed our business to Madame Nhu® to better reflect our new direction. In rebranding our business, our brand, menu and shop design were heavily inspired by the political, cultural and culinary developments of post-colonial south Vietnam. The rest, as they say, is history.

What's in a name?


Read the story behind the controversial "Madame Nhu" name - the meaning, heritage and history - in this 2020 interview with The Gourmet Traveller.

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She was known for her taste and attitude

Now you too, can get a taste of Madame Nhu


Keeping It Fresh

We use only premium Australian locally-sourced beef from the Hunter Valley. Our produce are sourced direct from Sydney markets and delivered daily by our fresh food providore


Old Fashion Comfort Food

Madame Nhu does things the old fashion way. Our soups are slow-simmered for 8 hours in two types of bones, fresh roots, allium, veggies, and 8 different spices to extract the most out of these ingredients


We Love a Good Drink!

Madame Nhu loves a good drink! We've got a great unpretentious selection of wine, beer and cocktails that's well-matched with our food, as well our our own branded Australian wine range.