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The "go to" dish for UFC champ Alex Volkanovski before every fight

A year ago UFC champ Alex Volkanovski visited Madame Nhu to talk about his "go to" dish before every fight and his then up-and-coming bout with UFC legend José Aldo in Brazil.

Alex said pho noodle soup is his "go to" dish before every fight.

"It's my thing ... after every weigh-in, that's my go-to now, that's my reload, every fight," Alex told ESPN. "Everyone knows I love my pho."

He would later go on to win the fight against the former world champion Aldo, proving that pho is the food of champions.

Images Source: ESPN

And what does a champion fighter and pho fanatic thinks of Madame Nhu's pho?

"That was a good broth," Alex said. "It's all about the broth".

We at Madame Nhu agree!

You can watch the full interview at ESPN's YouTube channel. Thanks Alex and ESPN for visiting Madame Nhu.

If you would like to try Alex Volkanovski's "go to" dish, visit Madame Nhu, for some of Sydney's best pho noodle soup with our legendary broth. We have branches in Surry Hills, Chatswood and Hornsby.

Alex Volkanovski is the current UFC Featherweight champion after defeating Max Holloway in December 2019.

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