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The Huy Fong Siracha chilli sauce crisis in Australia

There's a shortage of supply of Huy Fong's iconic "rooster" siracha chilli sauce in Australia. This isn't the first time this has happened since the American private company severed ties with one of its original chilli suppliers in 2016.

How are Vietnamese restaurants in Australia responded to this "crisis"? Below is an excerpt from Jessica Yun's latest article on this topic in The Sydney Morning Herald. She talked to Madame Nhu's managing director to get his take on the issue. You can also click the link to read the full article below (email subscription may be required).

Excerpt from "How Fong Sriracha is almost impossible to find. Have we already moved on?"

As the shortage [of Huy Fong Siracha] stretches on, local restaurants have had to find alternatives – and producers are cheering the gap in the market.

Minh Nguyen, the managing director of Madame Nhu, a small chain of Sydney-based pho restaurants that have been around for nearly two decades, said they hadn’t used Huy Fong’s sriracha for two years.

They’re not alone. Nguyen said “a lot” of Vietnamese restaurants in Australia don’t use Huy Fong any more. “Since we found it had [reached] icon status around the world, the price is almost unsustainable for a restaurant,” he said.

If it wasn’t for the price, Madame Nhu might keep using the brand, which Nguyen grew up eating. “As a brand, they sort of represent who we are as Vietnamese immigrants into a Western country … there’s a lot of sentimental value with that brand,” he said.


Younger customers are increasingly favouring an up-and-coming sauce by a Vietnamese brand, Chin-Su, which he says has a very different texture to sriracha. Could it eventually take the crown as the new cult favourite?

“I doubt that. Huy Fong is so established,” Nguyen said.


Jessica Yun, "Huy Fong sriracha is almost impossible to find. Have we already moved on?", The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 July 2024, downloaded 7 July 2024

Read the full article at:


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